Whats with my home computer?!

Well guess whats happening.My computer is like too new so I have to download everything I can to get it back to normal again…like Adobe Flash Player,Safe mode on Firefox,everything!!I just hate it when I try to download it and it just fails at the end(why can’t they just tell me in the first place?).Well my brother was looking for a guide on a galaxy on Mario Galaxy2 and guess what,he got us a TROJAN virus.I had to erase my account of the computer to protect “SOME”files that may be infected by the virus.It’s so aggravating to know that you have a virus.Well this is how me and my dad feel about this virus.But now my brother knows to never do cheats on a Wii game.Well somethings have improved,I just got a new theme!If you wanna see what it looks like then go to this site and check it out for yourself!So I am very mad at my brother for getting us this virus(Thanks alot bro…).

!Schools Out!

Well, there are pretty much NOTHING to do in the summer now because my whole family is just traveling this summer.Well one thing I wanna do is to go to Six Flags again.I really want to ride Viper.I plan to do stuff I don’t really like or care about because I’m so BORED these days.I am not going to read because it really bores me out to see written words again…I would rather play video games all summer since I need to level up my character on Runescape.So if you have nothing to do…play video games or crack open some books because who cares what you do all summer.


Should parents buy their children dogs?There are two sides.I would say yes.Say that your child cares only for him/herself.You could get him/her a dog.These pets teach responsibility,care,and generosity.Or maybe your kid wants to be a cop.Your child should get used to dogs being around them.If you have a child like this,a dog can be your number one helper around the house.

Studies have proven that dogs can help hardworking parents ,such as most of you,teach your child responsibility.When you have no time to teach or do anything with your kid,you need something to occupy and play with your child.This is where a dog would be needed.It would be need because your kid must clean up for it,feed it,play ball with it,etc.Many have been satisfied with the results of this process.

Even if dogs bite ,they’re still great pets.If you show it that you want to be its owner,it will show you how much it likes you.You took it home and made it yours.Some people think that dogs are hairy devils that give fleas.They’re truly not what those people say.Maybe they neglected or didn’t play with their dog.Or maybe,just maybe they could have never liked having a dog but they got one anyway.When you care for your dog,it will trust you.

When the dog you care for gives you its best side ,it will trust you.It could gaurd for you,help you lose weight,and helping you do things around the house like planting seeds.You need a digger and a seeder.Me,my dog,and my dad used to garden together.Me and my dog would have digging competitions and I would always lose.These are what the benefits are when you have a dog.

One day I go from being terrified of dogs to liking dogs.Sometimes they please you and sometimes they bite you constantly.Well,I usually had the biting part.I had to go with my aunt to go buy her some chew toys and chew bones.So don’t get worried about the biting,just go to a Petco and buy a dog!

Student Blogging Challenge #10

Student Blogging Challenge #10-On this challenge I must answer these very long questions that they have asked me to answer for this post.Here are my Answers and Questions along with them:

How many posts did you write?-Since March I have posted nine posts so far.

How many were school based or your own interests?-All of my posts were school based.
How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?-I have 23 comments from all three types of people.
Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?-My most recent post received the most comments. I think this happened because it was at the top of the page and that is where most of the readers appear to go to first (Of course).
Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?-I liked writing the facts on the beluga whales because the Beluga whales are very interesting animals.
Did you change blog themes at all and why?-I only changed my blog theme once because I didn’t like the first theme that I got so I changed it to my current theme.
How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?-I have only 1 widget and that’s enough for me because it could take up my whole blog.

Here is what my friend Irvin thinks about my blog.

What were your first impressions of this blog?-The first impression i had from this blog is that it would be good because it had a lot of writing one pet.
What captured your attention?-The thing that captured my attention was the bright colors and the thing that also attracted me was that he only had one widget.
What distracted you on the blog?-The thing that distracted me was his edublogs name because it is very long and kind of funny.
What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?-The suggestions I would give him is that he should have more posts and one more pet, he could work on the writing colors also, so we could read his posts.

Student blogging challenge 9

Student Blogging Challenge 9

To start,I do not have a twitter or Facebook account.I just have relatives that have Facebook accounts and keep posting comments on each others account.I think if I had a Facebook account I wouldn’t even check it because my sister is just addicted and she says I have a problem with games and stuff.I really don’t get whats so interesting about Facebook or Twitter…People usually meet people that they already know and plus they just talk using computers instead of using their voice.So I wouldn’t check my Facebook(if I had 1)during things I would do during the day.


On Earth Day people are supposed to help reduce the earth’s wastes.In my school we use styrofoam trays and those trays can’t be recycled or degrade on its own.So since fruits and vegetables are degradable maybe we could use compressed corn to make our trays.To some people ideas like this are just gross or impossible. Well if we all change the ingredients in our styrofoam trays we could save the earth little by little(That’s way more than 100 trays). After we put them in the trash the trays would degrade on its own,instead of having millions of non Bio- degradable trays. This idea would save the earth if we all did this,all around the WORLD.

What I Plan To Do On Spring Break

What I plan to do on my spring break is to go to Disneyland with my cousins in palm springs. Maybe i can ask my other cousin visiting from Boston to come with us also. If so we could have more fun there. I actually wish to go to Knotts instead of Disneyland since I always get bored of the rides they have there. I’ve been to Disneyland like 5-8 times, but when i go to Knotts berry farm I actually have lots of rides I want to ride. For instance “supreme scream”(I’ve only rid this once and it was cool)and ghost rider, and the new rides they add. Though at Disneyland there are all the same rides that don’t really amuse me or make me want to ride them as much as the rides at Knotts Berry Farm. So I wish I was planning to go to somewhere else than Disneyland California. Well my sister wants to go to Disneyland and I have to go to since my dad said so… but maybe it will be kind of fun if my sister doesn’t be a bossy little brat like she is at home. If so I’m staying home like I usually do when I am sick (anyways I’m sick now so I get to choose rather I go or stay… they can go without me while I’m home with my mom and dad,which is way boring but I can use the computer all I want and never have to worry if my sister yells at me to get off since every time I use the computer she gets slow internet.)

Fun Facts On Beluga Whales

This weeks challenge is on the environment from edublogs. In the ocean today there is an animal called the beluga. The Beluga is also called the canary of the sea because of its gracefulness.  It seems that they can talk to each other like us humans. They make really cool noises when talking to one another. Did you know that beluga’s are part of the whale family? These “whales”Are always white or somewhat yellowish. These majestic animals are very friendly and never stingy or greedy. The females look similar to the female narwhal. The beluga can live up to 100 yrs and weigh 7 tons! The scientific name for the beluga is merandus bemans spuriosious. The beluga can grow up to be 32 feet(thats taller than YAO MING,and hes pretty tall and For people who don’t know who yao ming is ,he is a chinese basketball player)! In the world today there are ore than 17 million beluga whales! Well thats it for “Fun facts about beluga whales”.

Life in Lawndale

Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

In Lawndale there are lots and lots of buildings. You would see companies, factories, homes, schools, etc. There are also beaches in Lawndale, lots of people go to the beach in the summer since it is very hot here during summer. One of those beaches are near a factory. Since I was two years old I went to William Green elementary. But now I go to Jane Addams middle school. In Lawndale there are lots of friendly people living in my neighborhood. In Lawndale today there are lots of ambulances, fire trucks, and police officers driving through our neighborhood. One of the best parts of living in Lawndale is that all the trees are green and all of the flowers are in season. There are some nice neighbors and some stingy ones.This is what I like about living in Lawndale. In the United States there are many exotic places to visit. These places are the empire state building, the statue of liberty, etc. There are also lots of things to buy all over the united nation. In New York there is a famous place called Central park, another exotic place. It snows every winter everywhere except for Lawndale, Hawthorne, and Torrance. This is how life in the U.S.has changed my life.