Student blogging challenge 9

Student Blogging Challenge 9

To start,I do not have a twitter or Facebook account.I just have relatives that have Facebook accounts and keep posting comments on each others account.I think if I had a Facebook account I wouldn’t even check it because my sister is just addicted and she says I have a problem with games and stuff.I really don’t get whats so interesting about Facebook or Twitter…People usually meet people that they already know and plus they just talk using computers instead of using their voice.So I wouldn’t check my Facebook(if I had 1)during things I would do during the day.

6 thoughts on “Student blogging challenge 9

  1. You know, Nathan, I understand what you are saying. Why get bogged down in all these forms of technology unless you really see a use for them? I didn’t see the point of Facebook or Twitter until somewhat recently. I like to check them sometimes to keep up with my groups, like old high school friends, etc. I’m not sure what a younger person would do with them, but they are a quick and easy way to keep in touch with a lot of people without having to email each one.

  2. Nathan,
    Even though I teach computers and technology with my grade 6/7 students, I still don’t have a mobile phone nor do I have a Facebook account. I do, however, use Twitter and that is where I find out about lots of resources to use with my students including the infographics for this challenge.

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